Resume Statement Template

A resume statement template is a document which outlines the resume objectives or any declaration of a candidate. A candidate’s resume must profile his or her academic background as well as soft skills in order to create a lasting impression in the minds of prospective employers. It must also highlight a candidate’s vision, goals as well as aspirations as far as professional growth is concerned.

Sample Resume Statement Template:

Name of candidate: ________________________________

Age: ____________________________________________ [Mention the particulars of the candidate as an introduction to the resume statement template]

Job position sought: _______________________________ [Mention the job position for which the resume statement template is being created as that will affect the particulars mentioned]

Professional vision: ________________________________ [Briefly enumerate the professional goals of the candidate in order to show a glimpse of mindset]

Education qualifications: _______________________________________ [Provide an outline of the educational qualifications of the candidate, including those sections which are relevant to the job being sought]

Resume statements:

  • Resume statement 1: __________________________________________
  • Resume statement 2: __________________________________________
  • Resume statement 3: ___________________________________________
  • Resume statement 4: ___________________________________________ [Mention the candidate’s resume statements in a clear and concise manner. They should provide an adequate idea of the candidate’s determination and dedication to his field]

Valuable skills which I can use in this job position:

  • Skill 1: ___________________________
  • Skill 2: ___________________________
  • Skill 3: ___________________________ [Briefly enlist the valuable soft skills which makes the candidate ideal for the job position sought]

Last words: _____________________________________________ [Briefly sum up the candidate’s resume statements in order to create a favorable and lasting impression]

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