Resume Profile Statement

A resume profile statement is at the core of a resume as it precedes the entire gamut of experience, skills, expertise, competencies, proficiency levels etc. The work of the resume profile statement is to explain in brief what one can expect in the resume. It highlights the strength areas of the resume and thus promotes the candidate and at the same time informs the organization or interviews regarding the candidates qualifications. It is important to ensure that the resume profile statement is kept crisp and is only used as a highlight of experience and not the experience itself.

Sample Resume Profile Statement 1: My experience and expertise have been well groomed in the fast-paced, challenging, high-stress work environment where deadlines are sacrosanct and need for quality delivery of projects is imperative. I plan to use this experience and expertise in channelling my career in a way that benefits the organization that I work for, their business processes, and above all, their clients.

Sample Resume Profile Statement 2: I have handled the responsibilities of a leadership position and would like to bring in all my experience and gamut of skills to the table so that it can funnel my career forward and at the same time, help in creating a leadership benchmark for the organization, which the industry, market, and customers respect and accept.

Sample Resume Profile Statement 3: Having participated and performed in key areas of organizational development including marketing, strategic development, customer relationship building and retention, and business growth; I would like to move into the next level of my career by using this amassed experience for the benefit of the organization I work for and processes within.