Resume Mission Statement

The importance of a resume mission statement lies in the fact that it highlights the mission and the essence of the resume. In a resume mission statement, it is important to choose the words to be used. It should never sound like self promotion and at the same time it should highlight the key areas of a candidate’s competencies like leadership qualities, project deliverables, work experience etc. The objective of a resume mission statement is to inform an organization or the interviewer of what the candidate wants to achieve in terms of career objectives and also focuses on the growth prospects that the candidate is eyeing in the future.

Mission Statement Template in Word

Mission Statement Template in Word

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Sample Resume Mission Statement 1: Where do I want to see myself 10 years from now? This is the crux of my short-term mission. This defines the fact that I will use all my knowledge, the experience of working in the industry, the ability to understand organization objectives and act upon them for completion and the eagerness to accomplish something for the greater good.

Sample Resume Mission Statement 2: The mission is to gradually pave my way forward and learning new things on the way in terms of sound leadership, building strong customer retention strategies, promotion and marketing of an organization’s brand images, increasing level of proficiency in project management and delivery and above all, never losing sight of my career objectives and goals.

Sample Resume Mission Statement 3: Shape my career to reach the dizzying heights of success by working with the organization and utilizing my strengths and competencies in a manner desired by the organization.