Resume Confidentiality Statement

A resume confidentiality statement is a document which outlines the terms and conditions governing non-disclosure of information about potential applicants which every firm or company should follow. It is part of the protocol of the company, and the resume confidentiality statement highlights the stance the company chooses to take regarding the information which candidates will naturally provide to the company.

These terms must be made clear and the statement should be very lucid and easy to access. Candidates are expected to read the resume confidentiality statement carefully, as it not only provides the company’s stance about information sharing but also provides some clues to how the company functions in general.

Sample Resume Confidentiality Statement

Genesis Pvt. Ltd. is committed to ensuring complete confidentiality and non-disclosure of information that is provided to us. This we do in the following ways:

Information that is automatically logged: When potential applicants visit our website, our server records all the information starting with the visitor’s IP address. This is to ensure that website problems can be detected easily. This information is completely protected and concealed and is not released under any circumstances.

Information on contact sheet: Genesis Pvt. Ltd. also asks for contact details of each applicant including name, address, contact number, email address and so on. Demographic details are also expected to be provided by the applicant as per requirements of the form. This information is also not revealed under any circumstances and is not sold or distributed either.

Privacy Policy: Our privacy policy is restricted to our website only. We have links to other websites and we do not take responsibility of non-disclosure of information or confidentiality with respect to these other websites.

Please contact our staff at Genesis Pvt. Ltd., 21 Asherwood Avenue, New York for more details regarding our confidentiality clauses. The terms and conditions therein are non-negotiable. Thank you for choosing to work with us!