Resume Career Statement

A resume career statement is an outline of the ambition of an applicant when he or she applies for a particular post. The resume career statement should be specific to the post applied, and not a general discourse on one’s goals. This makes the resume career statement all that more forceful and impressive, as the applicant is able to showcase his thoughts about the post and its responsibilities rather than ramble on generally and vaguely about professional succeed.

This therefore has to be written carefully with a lot of thought since it will also create an impression on the panel of selectors.

Sample Resume Career Statement:

Name: Jason Whitman

Post Applied for: Assistant Editor at Bloomingdales Pvt. Ltd.

Educational qualification: M. Phil. In Cultural Studies and Book History, University of Cambridge [1999]

Career Objectives:

  • To create awareness about the status of the book as a cultural artefact and create interest in its physical dimensions.
  • To perform the job of an editor with exactness and precision, and to succeed at the aim of presenting great books to the world.
  • To create a team of dedicated assistant editors and proofreaders who can work together harmoniously to avoid mistakes, proofread with detailed analysis and commentary and help fashion the literary tastes of the times.
  • To play a small part in the regeneration of interest in book history and print culture, and to shape inclusive modules on these topics for assistant editors and junior employees. This shall create a work ethic within the company, and also lend awareness about the material nature of the book and how it is to be handled.
  • To bring my vast experience as editor on the table and help train young assistants and junior employees. I am also adept at coordinating large groups of workers due to my age, leadership abilities and people-management skills.