Restaurant Mission Statement

Restaurant mission statement is a brief outline of a restaurant’s mission and vision towards its business. It is supposed to define the restaurant’s modalities and business policies to its customers and notify them about the purpose of its existence, its business needs, goals and aspirations.

The statement should be well worded so that it provides to the customers a comprehensive view about the restaurant’s ambience, approach to food and commitment to offer their customers the ultimate culinary experience.

Mission Statement Word Template

Mission Statement Word Template

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Sample Restaurant Mission Statement

Name of the restaurant: Chef’s Choice Restaurant and Bar

Location: 82A, West Maple Lane, Manhattan


‘Chef’s Choice Restaurant and Bar’ is a two hatted restaurant situated at the heart of Manhattan. The restaurant specializes in desserts and seafood and has been known to offer one of the finest dining experiences to its customers. The restaurant has quite a universal menu; its recipes bring forth tastes from across the world- be it Indian, French, Italian, Greek, English or American.

The restaurant also offers an exotic yet world-class atmosphere that is bound to make one have a holistic experience of the food. The restaurant takes immense pride in its staff of extremely talented chefs who are absolutely committed to offer the best quality food to the customers. The adjacent bar too specializes in some of the most exotic cocktails and promises the customers an ambience of fun and elegance.

Mission Statement:

The mission of ‘Chef’s Choice Restaurant and Bar’ is to provide the customers with a dining experience they would find hard to forget. The restaurant vouches to place customer satisfaction before profits and promises to sell delicious, quality and hygienic food to its customers. The restaurant also ensures dignified treatment of all their customers and maintenance of a clean, healthy and sophisticated ambience that would enrich their culinary experiences.

Slogan: Quality food, Quality service, Quality atmosphere.