Restaurant Financial Statement Analysis

A restaurant financial statement analysis is a report prepared for evaluating the performance of a restaurant business. These statements can be prepared half-yearly or yearly for an ongoing restaurant or for a new restaurant in the market. It is prepared for calculating the net profit over the expenses of the restaurant.

Sample Restaurant Financial Statement Analysis

Name of the Restaurant: The Lavish

Address: 523, Park Lane, Melbourne

Phone No: 0061301453547

Financial Analysis Prepared by: Mr. Robert D’Souza, Harry Young, Richard Henry.

Submitted on: 12th July 2013

Objective of Financial Analysis:

The basic objective of Financial Analysis is to know the net profit/net loss incurred by the business in the financial year 2012-2013.This analysis made by the team is very important as it determines the growth of the business. We all have given our best to this business and in order to sustain it, this analysis guides us to the right path. We expect a bright future in our business this year also and over many years to come.

Result of Financial Analysis:

  • The restaurant had made a business of $67854445 in the financial year 2012-2013.Out of this, $29807766 were the expenses incurred, therefore, making a net profit of $38046679.
  • All the liabilities have been cleared.
  • There are no bad debts.
  • Payment against shares and debentures has been received.
  • Employees are given a bonus of 2%.
  • In order to motivate the employees and improve the restaurant’s working, incentives are given to the employees.

Conclusion of Financial Analysis:

  • As the business is not earning high profits, we must go for a cost-cutting strategy.
  • No further investment should be made on assets this year.
  • Number of temporary workers on daily wages should be reduced and productivity of the permanent workers should be improved.


Williams Fernandez

Managing Director

The Lavish