Restaurant Business Statement

A restaurant business statement is a kind of a statement which is issued by a restaurant to express to its customers and clients its aim, objective as well as its future goal.  The statement can be considered as the part of overall marketing plan of the company which helps it establish a trust factor among the customers. A business statement is the gist of the business’s plans and the manner in which it aims to achieve them. The statement also expresses the vision and the mission of the restaurant and is thus very important. One must create or draft the restaurant business statement very carefully and to keep it as real and attainable as possible. A sample of a restaurant business statement is given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Restaurant Business Statement:

Name of the restaurant: Spicy Fingers Restaurant

Address of the restaurant: Q-34, Kylie road, Broad Avenue, Princeton, London

Name of the owner of the restaurant: Henry Bradford

Year of establishment: 2007

Aim of establishment

Spicy Fingers restaurant was established in the year 2007 with the aim of serving to the maximum number of people in the London area.  The restaurant serves several cuisines including Chinese, Italian, Medittaranean and Japanese to attract maximum number of people and reach out to the nonnatives living in the city.

Mission Statement

We, at Spicy Fingers Restaurant aim to deliver top quality food and drinks cooked in the most hygienic conditions so as to satisfy the taste buds of the maximum number of people possible and that too at the most affordable rates. With a sit and dine pattern and the option to take away or order at home, the restaurant works with the objective of serving all. We have a large variety of cuisines and foods to offer.