Research Work Statement

A research work statement, also known as a thesis statement is a document that can also be called a statement of fact. It is written by an individual after he has finished or done some research on a certain topic. The topic on which the statement is based can be proved with evidence by the individual drafting it.  The details mentioned in the research work statement include a certain topic and the opinion of the individual about the topic and also how the problem can be resolved.

Sample Research Work Statement

Topic of research:  Understanding your target consumers

Summary of research:   I have been researching that how to make advertisements by keeping the target audience in mind. It is usually believed that advertisements are made by only keeping a certain target audience and a particular advertisement will only please only that particular target audience.

But, from my research I have come to the conclusion that a particular advertisement can please all kinds of audience. So, what I am saying is that while making or creating an advertisement it is not necessary to keep in mind about any specific target advertisement. Thus if an advertisement is well made and interesting, then it can have consumers other than the target consumers, resulting more sale of products and thus more profit.

Rather than concentrating on the target audience while making an advertisement, it is better to concentrate on the concept and content of the advertisement.

Conclusion: I conclude from my research that “understanding target consumers” is a factor not required to be considered while making an advertisement.