Research Statements

Research statements are declaration reports of the various research projects and works being conducted on different topics and areas of concern, individually as well as under the professional guidance of some institute or organization. Research work generally involves a number of serious methodologies and work processes; hence, the statements should be framed accordingly, that is, very carefully to ensure that all necessary details are included and stated correctly. The statements should be professional in approach, so as to represent the particulars and facts of the research project in the proper way to all those who are involved in the work and need to have an idea of the research.

A few basic components that should necessarily be contained in all research statements are:

  • The research statements should include the name(s) of the respective research project(s) in clear and complete terms. A title is very necessary to identify a particular research project.
  • The area of research should be discussed thoroughly in the synopsis that needs to be included in research statements.
  • The name(s) of individual(s) or firms conducting the research should be mentioned at the beginning of the statement. Generally, all research projects need to be approved by some supervising agency and identification as well as contact details of the respective unit should be provided.
  • Research statements should be drafted in an efficient manner to contain a detailed report of the various strategies planned and methods of conducting the research.