Research Statement Template

A research statement template is a document that provides an outline of the actual research statement that is prepared to contain details of a particular research project. The template should be framed so as to contain the basic details of a general research statement and required number of gaps to be filled in with specifications, as may be according to the purpose of the particular research statement and the topic or area of work of the research work.

Sample Research Statement Template:

Topic of Research: ______________________________________ [mention the title of the research project]

Synopsis: ___________________________________________________________ [provide a brief summary of the research project in this section]

Name of organization/institute: __________________________________________ [mention the name of the organization or institute under whose guidance the research project is being conducted or which is commissioning the project]

Research conducted by: _______________________________ [give the name(s) of individual(s), organization(s) or institution(s) conducting the research work]

Date(s): ________________ [give the exact date of commencement and termination (tentative) of the research work and mention the term of the project as well]

Research Statement:

[The various aspects of the particular research project will have to be discussed here in the format of statements]

  • ________________________ [Statement 1]

__________________________________________________________ [description of statement 1]

[Mention the statement in details and its relevance to the topic of research]

  • ________________________ [Statement 2]

__________________________________________________________ [description of statement 2]

  • ________________________ [Statement 3]

__________________________________________________________ [description of statement 3]

Approximate budget: $ ___________________ [provide an estimation of the costs involved in the research work]

Miscellaneous details: _________________________________________________ [state other areas of concern that need to be discussed]