Research Statement Letter

The research statement letter is composed for various purposes. Most popularly, this letter is used in academic institutions. The letter encompasses the scope, method, topic and mode of research. Students generally need to elaborate on these aspects and present it to the research mentors for the purpose of getting approval for the research. The only point to remember is that the letter needs to be brief and should concentrate on the research only.

Certain commercial enterprises write these letters in hopes of getting funding. In fact, academic researches are also written so that a certain stipend can be received for continuing the research. It is important that the letter is formal in tone. There is a need to briefly state the various points of the research and how that will effect the institution, the researcher and the sponsors for the research as well. The research statement letter is generally written prior to the research begins.

Sample Research Statement Letter


The Head of the Department,

Department of English Literature,

State University of Florida

Date: 31.2.2012

Dear Prof. Rosenthal,

I, Michelle Finn, am a PhD student of English literature with specialization in author: James Joyce. My dissertation on the “Joyce Complex in The Dubliner” has been completed and I need to do further research for my PhD research course work.

My new research will deal with Joyce’s epic novel, Ulysses. The topic I have selected for this particular novel is “The Consciousness of Joyce’s Ulysses.”  I will read up on the various short stories that Joyce had written before finally working on this novel. The main aim is to trace the origin of this novel and attach it to his other works that ultimately culminated to his final epic work.

I will require unlimited access to the library at any time of the day, within reason.

Request you to respond immediately.


Michelle Finn