Research Purpose Statement

The research purpose statement is written and constructed essentially by the researcher for the main purpose of highlighting the reasons for conducting this research. The statement should not just contain the objectives but also the method of study. This means that the researcher is required to state and explain how he or she will approach towards the completion of the research project.

The research subject needs to be elaborated as well. An effective statement ensures the grant for beginning or continuation of the research. Another thing to keep in mind is that the statement should neither contain jargon nor should it be effusive; it should state strictly the points of study and also deal solely with the requirements from the educational institution for the purpose of continuing the research.

Sample Research Purpose Statement

Name of Researcher: Gwen Stacy

Department: Film, Media and Animation Studies

Institution: New York University

Date of Submission: 3.4.2011

Research topic: The Universality of Stan Lee and Marvel Universe

Research Purpose Statement:

Method of Study: A cross cultural reference specifically to the ‘superhero’ genre in the Marvel comics along with theHollywood films generated in the recent years.

Resources required: Stan Lee comic books/ graphic novels concerning the following action heroes/ protagonists:

  • Marvel Knights
  • Avengers
  • X men
  • Fantastic Four


The purpose of taking this specific topic is to understand the cultural significance of the ‘hero’ figure that is translated and transformed from the comic books to the film adaptations.

The research paper basically looks into the alterations made by the films based on these comic books as well as the similarities. The main point of view to be gathered from this is to understand the universality of these action heroes who appeal to the reader/ viewer in a deeper level than what meets the eye.