Research Problem Statement

A research problem statement is a report that contains details of the various critical situations and issues contained in a certain research work. The statement should contain the problem in a clear and complete format and discuss various related issues, thereby helping to bring up possible solutions for trouble-shooting. This type of a document needs to be prepared very carefully such that it can effectively state the problems and take care that no other problem creeps in in the process.

Sample Research Problem Statement:

Name of Research Project: “Child Labour – Assessment and Prevention”


Child Labour is a major problem in developing countries and the research focuses on the trends of child labour in various parts of India, a developing country that exhibits a major proportion of the world’s youngest labourers.

Research Problem:

Child Labour takes such a huge figure in India especially due to the rapid growth of population and corresponding increase in the number of people below the poverty line. The immediate effect of these global and social problems is that children, mostly of the age of 7 – 14 years, are forcefully pushed to take up difficult and dangerous jobs, often at the risk of their tender lives, just to earn some extra money for the family. This problem needs to be dealt with at the earliest, to ensure a proper childhood that is the fundamental right of every child. Some of the major problems faced during the research have been:

  • Most families are unwilling to give out details of the child labourers, if any.
  • Inspite of details being shown of the adverse effects of child labour, they are not willing to sacrifice this source of income.
  • Even, the children are happy earning from these tasks and have no wish to gather knowledge or go to school for learning, etc.

The problem thus remains at the ground level and awareness needs to be created at the earliest.