Research Philosophy Statement

The research philosophy statement is a report that is issued by an educational institution to highlight the facilities provided to the potential and interested researchers. The philosophy underlying the educational institution is emphasized through such statements. This means that the statement must state the overall aims and objectives of the educational institution. This need not be a definitive and objective statement but must address the cornerstone elements which make the particular research facility unique.

It is essential to understand that this statement is a way through which potential researchers are attracted to the institution. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the statement addresses the necessary criteria and yet maintains a succinct point of view.

Sample Research Philosophy Statement

The University of Michigan has issued the following statement on May 21, 2011 on its philosophy and aims behind their research facility:

The Department of Renaissance Political Research provides and conducts extensive research as well as performs professional workshops in various related areas for the purpose of proper analysis of certain Renaissance texts. The vitality lies in its desire to be responsive and instructional to both the research and professional service so as to meet the needs of all academics including students and teachers of the entire English Department.

When teaching, the basic aim is to refine the interpretative skills of the students and researchers so that there can be contribution made to the knowledge and understanding of this broad and widely discussed subject. Communication is important and cross cultural references are imperative to the understanding of Renaissance, both in the English Renaissance and the European Renaissance at large.

The main aim is to contribute to the growth of the students who are capable of critical and independent thinking in this field. Renaissance Political Research is important to all aspects of arts and culture.