Research Mission Statement

A research mission statement is a document that assigns the targets and goals set to be achieved by a certain research project. The basic structure of such a document is just like a mission statement issued by any organization, institute, individual (personal mission statement), etc., with the only exception that it concerns the particular research project and the respective accomplishments. Thus, the statement is to be prepared in a way such that the missions set by the concerned authority revolves round the research work and not elsewhere.

Sample Research Mission Statement:

Title of the Research project: Anthropological Study of Tribal Culture

Research conducted by: Priscilla Institute of Cultural Sciences

Research Mission Statement prepared by: Kelly Jones [Director, Priscilla Institute of Cultural Sciences]

Date: 20th December, 2011 [20.12.2011]

Research Mission Statement:

  • To provide the most unbiased overview of the respective tribal culture being researched.
  • To prove as the best and most trustworthy research agent for proper and complete demonstration of the respective project, employing fundamental concepts of statistics, demography, genetic study, linguistic study, analysis of food habits, clothing, etc.
  • To involve theories of social sciences and applied fields in the analysis of the anthropology of the particular region and the corresponding human race there.
  • To employ the most highly qualified staff for research of the particular topic.
  • To develop appropriate methodologies for study of diverse fields of tribal culture and anthropology to identify area of required developments. The research should effectively devise strategies to help the culture remain alive and contribute to global diversity of cultural excellence.