Research Interest Statement

The research interest statement is constructed by students and job seekers who state their specific areas of interest when it comes to the research facility or institution at hand. This should include the particular subjects that one is interested in as well as the methods of study one is comfortable and is also efficient in. This is generally asked for within the science field or the social science arena from potential research candidates.

This should not be too long but should contain details of all scholarly accomplishments that is relevant to the discipline and plans for future research projects.  One needs to explain how the research is going to be helpful to the institution in which the application is being made. In case of collaborations and funding requirements, this needs to be mentioned explicitly in the research interest statement.

Sample Research Interest Statement

Researcher: Kathy Green

Current Research Status: None

Date: 23.4.2012

Application to: Wave Humanity Organization

Research Interest Statement:

I have been associated withBrighterUniversityfrom 2010 to 2011 researching on the Development Project concerned with the eradication of small pox.

I am currently interested in pursuing the awareness programs of different social organizations. My main objective is to educate all on different medical adversities faced in different parts of the world.

I firmly believe that awareness leads to a better world and hence, I am interested in actively pursuing these research development projects.

I am the most comfortable in collaborative projects where I have to team up with other researchers all working towards the same goal.

I am also very keen on trying different techniques for improving the research and increasing the chances of a positive result.

The average grant required for any Development project is between $2000 and $4000 for the preliminary stage.  However, I am also comfortable sticking to the budget of any research program.