Research Experience Statement

The research experience statement is published by researchers as a way through which he or she is able to elaborate and state the experiences gathered from different researches conducted. The statement need not be just a list of accomplishments and experience gained over a period of time. Rather, the statement needs to be set in an informal tone where the researcher, through the first point of view, can explain the different types of study conducted.

This does not mean that the statement is an informal one. In fact, it is essential that the statement is able to have both a professional sound and feel to it. It is imperative that the research experience statement has a proper perspective and should not steer away from the main objectives.

Sample Research Experience Statement

Name: Candice Yemen

Current Research Status: Associated with HIV Awareness Research Program, conducted by WHO

Research Experience Statement:

For the past two years (2007-2009), I have worked under Dr. Bush in his laboratory at Ohio University. The study concerned was solely involved with molecular interactions in different body cells that are directly or indirectly relevant to HIV. My job was to examine the FDC reception and the significant function of CD21 and 32.

I was then researching on the HIV molecular cloning in 2010. This was essentially about the lymph nodes which are affected in HIV patients. The observations made were proven to be consistent with the observations made in the past.

In 2011, I was involved with research project that dealt with the varied pathways of FDC and its subsequent activations. With the isolation of the FDCs, there were certain positive activation made of the antibodies, immune complexes and complement.

I am currently (2012) involved in raising awareness about how HIV works and this is essentially in rural and backward sections of the country.