Research Education Statement

A research education statement is a document which enlightens us about the goals and educational plans of a research. It gives an elaborate idea about the research team and its educational purpose. Therefore it must be written in a direct and straightforward manner so that the facts about the research education are laid bare.

Sample Research Education Statement

Institute of Nuclear Physics

Research Education Statement

The following research education statement is issued in the interest of the students registered with the institute. The document upholds the significance of the newly developing areas of nuclear physics that will help solve many scientific problems.

Date of establishment: 4th November, 2011

Name of the person issuing the statement: Mr. Henry Olive, Head of the Department (HOD)

Name of the department: Physics department

Name of the course: PhD course

Complete statement of the research education:

Research education focus: Utilization of Nuclear weapons

Need for the research education: Nuclear weapons are used in wars because of our limited perception of how to put them into good use and lack of knowledge about where to put them into use. Thus there is a strong need to educate physicists of their obverse use.

Goal: I intend to improve the threshold of scientific knowledge in students who are the future physics educationists.

Syllabus: The syllabus is planned in a way that it can sharpen student’s cognitive faculties and prepare him to solve analytic problems by assimilating and understanding the text itself.

Curriculum: The curriculum would include rigorous brainstorming sessions to make them more conceptually strong while explaining scientific phenomena.

Signature of HOD: ______________________________

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