Research Confidentiality Statement

The research confidentiality statement is created for the purpose of ensuring that all information that has been procured during the research is kept confidential. This is done at the start of a research program. The researchers must declare complete non-disclosure of the information of the research. This should include the methods used for research as well as the equipment and findings of the research.

The confidentiality statement is constructed in the form of a declaration. In case any researchers breach this statement, immediate legal action is taken against him or her. It is imperative to ensure that all points of confidentiality are stated within and there should not be any space for loopholes.  This is also done in case individuals are used for research purposes to ensure their involvement and the results are kept private.

Sample Research Confidentiality Statement

Research Project: The Breast Cancer Research and Development

Researchers: Andy Cross, Byron Jennings and Samuel Lee

Date: 4.3.2011

Research Confidentiality Statement:

The researchers of the research project guarantee full confidentiality. All clauses stated within the Ethics Code of American Association will be honored rightfully.

Unless the researcher waives any of the confidentiality agreement, there will be no hindrance made to the research conducted.

In case any person(s) are used for the research, then there will be non-disclosure of the identity unless the permission is granted.

The data that will be used and the outcome will all be used solely for the subject at hand. Any responses or adverse outcome will not be reported outside the research project.

In case of surveys, the whole process will be restricted, limited and absolutely private. There will also be proper waivers signed by all candidates and researchers alike involved.

It is imperative that the information will be released only after the concerned Department has fully scanned and inspected the material.