Rental Income Statement

A rental income statement is a document which details the monthly or weekly rental income records of a company or institution. Some companies earn their revenues from the rents paid to them. Such a document is legal in nature and financial in content. Thus it must be prepared industriously with active consideration.

Sample Rental Income Statement:

The Highland Park Shopping Mall

Monthly Rental Income Statement

The following is the monthly rental income statement for the month of November, 2011. The stipulations have been given by keeping the facts and figures accurate. For further details, the main office can be contacted.

Income statement of: Mrs. Catty Jell

Owner of: The Highland Park Shopping Mall

Address of the said property: 4, Highland park, UK

Monthly income statement for the month: November, 2011

Partnership status: 20% share of the entire property

Number of shops and stores housed in the mall: 30

Number of active stores: 27

Gross rental amounts paid: $50, 0000 x 12 months (which includes rent for possession of premises, use of electricity and utilization of furniture items)

Total gross rental income from the whole property: $50, 0000 x 27 = $13500000 per month

Taxes incurred on the rental income:

  • Property tax: 6% of the income
  • Income tax: 12% of the income

Expenses involved:

  • Repairing and maintenance: $5, 0000 approximately
  • Fire and damage insurance: $80,000
  • Mortgage loan interest: $500,000 per month

Total balance amount remaining after expenses incurred: $12870000

Note: All claims related to the expenses must be made in person evidenced by duly signed receipts and documents.

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