Real Estate Income Statement

A real estate income statement is an important financial document as it provides an intensive outlook of the revenues and expenses incurred in the respective business, in a particular fiscal year or some specific time span. Accuracy should be the key factor of such statements as a single error may cause huge damage in terms of convincing investors regarding the financial health of the organization in charge of the real estate.

Sample Real Estate Income Statement:

M/s Prince Constructions

45 – G/II, Houston Apartment

New York


Name of the real estate: Green Valleys

Purpose of the real estate: The real estate, Green Valleys, is being constructed in lush green surroundings to provide all our esteemed clients to breathe some fresh air into their hectic schedule at urban locations. The position of the flats to be developed here will be such that each one enjoys the awesome nature, yet is not deprived of any necessary facilities such as food markets, shopping areas, gymnasium, swimming pool, hospitals, banks, hotels and restaurants, etc. and many more, all of which will be situated within the complex.

Income Statement of Green Valleys for April – September, 2011

Income Particulars                                                                                                     Amount ($)

  • Gross income on sale                                                                                          9600000
  • Income from rents                                                                                                 840000
  • Operating income                                                                                                  689000

______________________________                                                                        ____________

Net income                                                                                                        11129000

Expense Particulars                                                                                                     Amount ($)

  • Interest expenses                                                                                                    780000
  • Operational expenses                                                                                              560000
  • Amortization and depreciation costs                                                                       480000
  • Improvement costs                                                                                                 1260000
  • Vacancy amounts expensed                                                                                   5680000

_____________________________________                                                               _________

Net expense                                                                                                           8760000

Total profit                                                                                                                     2369000

Real estate income statement prepared by: Mr. Marc Robert

Managing Director

Green Valleys Project



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