Quarterly Income Statement

A quarterly income statement is an important document that provides financial records in corporate sectors, for a particular fiscal year. It is a well-analyzed summary of all revenues and expenses incurred in the given time span, with a detailed description of all transactions occurred. The final report of such a statement suggests facts and figures important to many of the investors and stakeholders, as well to the company also, and should thus be presented with maximum accuracy.

Sample Quarterly Income Statement:

TechMania Pvt. Ltd.

66 – P/II, Ringer Lane

San Francisco



Quarterly Income Statement as on 31st October, 2011

Period ending particulars                                                                                             Amount ($)

  • Cost of goods                                                                                                     – 450000
  • Depreciation and depletion                                                                                   –  2500
  • Amortization and related payments                                                                       – 1500
  • Income as on operation of business                                                                      850000
  • Expenses on operating business                                                                            –  6500
  • Taxes paid                                                                                                              – 8500
  • Extraordinary charges and credit                                                                                   0
  • Operations that have been discontinued                                                                        0
  • Administrative charges                                                                                            -2000
  • Equity on earnings                                                                                                  10000
  • Dividends shared                                                                                                  –  8000
  • Price of extra items purchased                                                                              –  1000
  • Salary and wages of employees                                                                           -200000

_______________________________________                                      ______________

Net profit garnered from sale of goods                                                             180000

Income statement prepared for the quarter: 1st July, 2011 – 31st October, 2011

Quarterly income statement prepared by:

  1. Mr. David Richardson, Accounts Manager
  2. Miss Julia Sam, Deputy Accounts Manager

_________________________                                              __________________________

[Signature of Mr. D. Richardson]                                                [Signature of Miss Julia Sam]

Preparation of Income statement supervised by: Mr. Marc Steve

General Manager

TechMania Pvt. Ltd.



All figures have been presented accurately to the best of our knowledge. For any cases of error, please do contact our Department of Accounts Management [11a.m to 4p.m on weekdays and till 2 p.m on Saturdays]

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