Quarterly Business Statement

A quarterly business statement is basically a layout for the various financial transactions incurred by a business organization in a particular quarter, in which the statement is prepared. It is solely financial and involves careful accounting, which should be more than accurate as a single wrong entry may cause heavy losses for the firm because it will be carried forward and calculated with other quarters, resulting in a mass error.

Sample Quarterly Business Statement:

Name of the Business Firm: Rennova Group of Companies.

Address: 59, Nelson Lane

San Francisco

Contact at: 95842947683920


Quarterly Business statement prepared by: Mr. Joseph Marc

Head of the Accounts Department

Business overview:

The Rennova Group of Companies is one business name, involving a chain of companies under its prestigious banner. It is a treasure ground for antique museum pieces collected from all over the world and subject to heavy auctions at favourable intervals. We have always kept our flag high up, and have successfully done so only because we have never even thought of compromising with authenticity and have never faked any single item. We provide the best and the most wanted.

Need for the quarterly business statement:

As stated earlier, we work in a chain which needs to be well-cooperated. Since our business involves heavy transactions, we have always resorted to the process of quarterly checking of the balance sheet, where we keep a detailed record of all activities performed, cash debited and credited and all income statements.

Quarter for the present business statement: 1st March, 2011 – 30th June, 2011

Purchase order                                                                 Rs. 550000

Net business transacted                                                   Rs. 960000

Salary of workers                                                             Rs. 200000

Tax paid                                                                           Rs. 30000

Marketing investments                                                     Rs. 45000

Net profit                                                                        Rs. 135000

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