Quality Control Method Statement

A quality control method statement generally puts forth the procedures that ensure a quality performance of a company or a business firm or some specific product or service of a corporate sector. It is important for any profit-making organization to control a high standard of quality in its functioning to ensure larger gains and an extensive market. Hence, such a statement must contain all details of the respective quality control methods.

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Sample Quality Control Method Statement:

Quality Control Method Statement

Download Quality Control Method Statement

Name of company: Jimmy Constructions and Co

Company overview:

Jimmy Constructions and Co. is a construction and development company that builds flats, offices, enterprises, institutes, etc. It has been performing business in this field since 14th August, 1998 and has never been subject to any complaint of compromising with quality. It is this sole factor that keeps us on the top in this business and helps maintain a beautiful as well as profitable relation with our clients.

Quality Control Methods:

This statement is to declare that Jimmy Constructions and Co. maintains a set procedure for keeping up with its quality standards. They are as follows:

  • We check every raw material during purchase, to ensure that the final product is durable and no unwanted accident befalls our clients.
  • All equipments and instruments are inspected on a regular basis, so that any damage or worn out part can be identified at a preliminary stage and necessary actions taken.
  • Every item is measured, from all required aspects, and details provided to clients so that there is not any discrepancy regarding costing and quality.
  • A final preview is offered to customers, completely free of cost, to collect their feedback and incorporate necessary developments. Also, repair and maintenance facility is provided for a year if the damage is genuine and under the domain of our responsibility.

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