Purchase Vision Statement

Vision statement can either be applicable to the company on the whole or be department specific. The purchasing department of a company is an important department and its vision should spell out what the department aims to provide to its customers and what it plans to achieve for the organization. The purchasing department of any organization also aims to achieve highest standard of professional procurement and try to achieve transparency in all procurement procedures.

Vision statements maybe short or long, but a well formed vision statement can help achieve many goals. A vision statement of the purchase department must ideally be customer centric. Some of the examples for purchase vision statement:

Sample Purchase vision statement 1:

The vision statement of the purchase department of XXX Company is to procure the best quality goods so that end products that are offered to the customers are as per their expectations and of exceptional quality. We aim to capture more than 70% of the existing market with our excellent services, products and quality.

Sample Purchase vision statement 2:

Our vision is to create customer satisfaction by providing value and efficiency to each purchase request while following to all policies, state laws, and sound business practices. We also aim to follow transparency in all our transactions to avoid any misconceptions or future dilemma.

Sample Purchase vision statement 3:

Our Purchasing Department’s vision is to continually identify and to incorporate innovative purchasing practices that will support the organizations growth. We aim to satisfy our loyal customer base by providing innovative products.