Property Management Statement

The property management statement is used by real estate agents for the purpose of advertising the quality of services provided to the customers interested in real estate properties. The statement acts a tool for strengthening public relations and a strategy to increase the number of buyers or tenants for the property. This is required to be constructed in an easy to understand language that lists the merits of the Real Estate Company or agents and also enumerates the types of services offered once the property is bought or rented.

Sample Property Management Statement:

The following is a property management statement for A & B Real Estates:

At A & B Real Estates, we ensure that you get the best residential property. Quality is of the utmost importance and we value our most responsible tenants.

A & B Real Estates is a residential property management company which is dedicated in managing the best and carefully selected properties. The small number of properties allows us to attend to the needs of the residents and retain the quality of the properties and community.

All the repair services calls are prearranged and authorized with the tenants or residents. A & B Real Estates is dedicated in providing prompt repair services. There are also emergency repair call list which has been provided to all residents.  We tend to all kind of needs and emergencies.

A & B Real Estates also guarantees a refund of the security deposit as long as the property has been maintained.

Thanking you for your time and interest

Reynolds Barn
A & B Real Estates, LLC