Project Work Statement

A project work statement gives the details of the kind of work involved in the project. The statement acts an important tool that governs the work done by both the vendor and the contractor in the project.  The details mentioned in the project work statement include details like project derivable and also details of administrative work like project reporting. The statement forma an important part of the contract as it can also act as a documentary evidence in case of issues arising between both the parties.

Sample Project Work Statement

Statement of work

Project name: Software service project

This project statement work is being prepared between GL Technologies Limited referred to as the client and Andy Bacon referred to as the vendor as on this day of 12th of May 2012

Scope of work:  Andy Bacon has to provide software as well hardware services to GL Technologies Limited. He has to upgrade the software used in GL Technologies Limited for their daily operation. He also has to ensure that the hardware is in proper working condition.

Location of the work: The vendor has to carry out this project from the office premise of the client. He is not allowed to carry any hardware or any confidential information outside the office premise.

Period of performance:  The beginning date of the project is 15th of May 2012 and will end by 25th of May 2012

Cost incurred: The esteemed total cost incurred for the project is around $25000. This also includes the cost of buying any hardware.