Project Scope Statement

Project scope statement is an essential element of any project; it is used by project managers to outline the terms and conditions under which the employees will work to achieve the desired result. Clients must agree upon all the terms before the project team begins the actual work.

A well-written project scope statement reflects the abilities of the project manager to make intelligent and responsible decisions. A project scope statement identifies and clarifies the requirements of the client and discusses overcoming any obstacles or issues that come in the way during the onset of the project. A scope statement also mentions the duration and cost of the project which the client also agrees upon.

Sample Project scope statement :

Name of the Project_______________

Nature of the Project:

  • The project,____________(here specify the details of the project) is to be completed by __________(here mention the date in month-date-year format )
  • The project aims at providing __________(aim)
  • It will offer__________(Here mention all the items/products/services that will be provided)

Project Deliverables:

  • The main purpose of the project is to cater to the clients who are familiar with the products that can answer all their needs.
  • ____________(Here mention the name of the place the store will be located)
  • We expect that we will be able to achieve theĀ  break even point in a years time.

Success Criteria for the project:

Since our name will be associated with a brand name already existing this will surely help us to achieve our objectives in a short span of time.