Project Manager Career Statement

A project manager is a professional working in a company with the role of handling and managing project works and leading the company to the successful completion of its projects. A project manager career statement is a statement which forms a very important part of the application documents of any individual who seeks to work at this post in a company.

The statement is used to describe the career goals and objectives of the applicant in such a way that a direct connection can be established between the goals and the reason for applying in the particular company. A sample of a project manager career statement is provided below.

Sample Project Manager Career Statement:

Name of the applicant: Jack Reynolds

Company name: David Fincher International Company

Address of the company: A-34, first floor, modern building, J corporate avenue, New York, USA

Age of the applicant: 29 years

Email address:

Phone number of the applicant: 40937097305

Educational Qualifications

  • 2004- completed my bachelor’s degree in business administration from New York University
  • 2006-completed my master’s degree in business administration from Ohio State University
  • 2007-completed a diploma course in project manager from New York.

Objective Statement:

Seeking a job as a project manager in a reputed organization, one which helps me reach and move towards my career goal of becoming a project head. I am looking for a challenging opportunity which brings me out of my comfort zone and makes me work harder than I ever have.

With a combination of hardwork, skills, experience and dedication, I wish to help a company as reputed as yours to reach greater heights of success, while establishing my own worth in it. Ifgiven a chance, I would not let your expectations down and will deliver to the best of my potential.