Project Management Statement

The project management statement is the official document prepared by a member of the company that is launching the particular project. The purpose of this statement can be to describe the various important and relevant aspects of the upcoming project in a compact manner. The statement can be used as a de- brief for the team members who may be handling the project or any other officials who are connected to the project. This document essentially highlights management strategies, policies and regulations which will be followed through the life of the project.

Sample Logistics Management Statement:

Date: 5th April 2012

Company Name: Osborne & Bligh Business Pvt. Ltd.

Location: New Jersey, United States of America.

Project Name: The AMC Project

About the Company:

The company by was started by Mr. Osborne & Mr. Bligh in a bid to provide themselves and other corporate aspirants like them a working environment that was the first of its kind flexible 15 years ago. The company was set up on the basic principle of flexibility, innovation and dedication.

And even 15 years later, the company is following the principles. In fact it has become one of the model business entities that provide their clients and their employees with the perfect environment.

About the project:

The company is starting a new project under the banner- AMC Project. The project is meant to encourage young entrepreneurs and to give way to new ideas in the competitive world of today.  The project comes in a time of adversity and aims at removing major obstacles facing growth of economies all over the world.

The management of the project particularly focuses on:

  • Paying proper attention to every single detail in the planning stage.
  • Implementing the plan step by step with accuracy.
  • Achievement of all the goals and objectives in a timely fashion.
  • Ensuring progress and sustenance of the progress so achieved.