Program Management Statement

A program management statement is the statement issued by a business organisation displaying how the various operations in the business entity are managed. The statement is the compilation of the respective business program’s details, vision and objectives etc.Such a statement given the official nature, should be prepared with clarity and in a presentable manner. A sample of a program management statement is given here for reference of all those in need of framing such a statement.

Sample Program Management Statement:

Dates: 25th June 2012

Company Name: Harleys Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Company Location: Manhattan New York, United States of America.

Our Aim:

We have are headquartered in New York with offices all over the country and other parts of the world. We aim at serving all of our clients from all the different places, areas, communities and ethnicities to satisfy their requirements beyond their imaginations.

The company has been built and is being managed by the best in the business who have made this company what it is today. It is because of such dedication from the members of the company and loyalty on part of the customers that we have been able to achieve such heights.

About the Program:

The company has recently launched a new program in reference to the sales services provided by the business. The program will be launched and headed by the head of the North division. The team of executive who will handle the project are the best the country had to offer.

Our management policy which centres on being the best can be described as- to be the best, one has to work with the best of people to make the best of everything. Because it is only then that one can provide those associated with him and his business the best they deserve. We are sure that you will find, given our obsession for the best we only believe in serving you with the best.