Professional Artist Statement

A professional artist statement is a statement written by an individual who pursues his profession as an artist. The statement is a way with the help of which the artist can express the various kinds of work done by him professionally. In the statement he also needs to mention if he was associated or employed with any organization as an artist. The most important thing required to be mentioned by him are the various forms of paintings he does as an artist.

Sample Professional Artist Statement

I have been involved in the profession of a painter professionally since last ten years. I specialize in all types of paintings, but personally my favorite is modern painting. Modern painting helps to give a reflection of the society.

Professional experience:

I started my career at the age of twenty one with the reputed advertising agency Bates and Mates Advertising Agency. I had joined in the designation of a junior artist. This is the organization that taught me to how to give shape to your form of art. The organization helped me to grow professionally as well as an artist.

After three years of tenure with Bates and Mates Advertising Agency, I joined Ogilvy and Mather Advertising Agency as an in house artist. I used to do the paintings as per the requirements of their clients.

Freelancing experience:

As a freelance artist, I learnt how to promote myself as a brand. I started doing random modern paintings. These paintings have been exhibited at various art galleries and I have won awards.