Preliminary Scope Statement

A preliminary scope statement is a document which outlines the scope or target of a project by any company, business enterprise, institution or individual. It is advisable to prepare a preliminary scope statement before proceeding with a project since it will provide a concise blueprint that can then be followed to a tee. It should account for the initial action that will be a part of the project, and it should be prepared by someone acquainted with the nitty-gritty of the project.

Sample Preliminary Scope Statement

Project Title: Victorian Studies Seminar

Project organizer: Edinburgh University

Date of project implementation: 23rd to 25th June 2012

Nature of project:

The Victorian Studies Seminar is the first of its kind in our University, incorporating extensive international coordination across thirteen countries. Scholars from these countries, all reputed names in the field of Victorian studies shall provide our students and those from participating countries with an overview of the latest research and developments in the field as well as in critical theory,

Steps to be followed:

  • Coordination between the participating countries, ensuring visa acceptance of all participating scholars.
  • Creation of schedule for conference, and ensuring that all necessary journals are available for the conference.
  • Getting participation confirmation from other participants and freelancers.

Preliminary project status update to be provided to: University Funds Provider, Board of Education.

Project tie ups: Oxford University, Department of English; Cambridge University, Department of English; University of Lancashire, Centre for Advanced Studies in English.

Date of preview of preliminary project report: 23rd April 2012

Project coordinators: Dana Shields, Head of Department, English and Jason Hart, Senior Coordinator, Centre of Victorian Studies.