Physical Education Statement

A physical education statement is a document which outlines the use of the basic tools of psychomotor education and their advantages. It is important to learn the educational trends and their respective roles in personal development. Therefore, it must clearly and comprehensively iterate the statements and enable the readers to practically apply them in physical education and improvement.

Sample Physical Education Statement:

Name of organization: Florence Physical Training and Consulting Institute

Date of establishment: 5th January, 2008

Date of submission of statement: 1st March, 2008

Physical education statement prepared by: Winston Parker, Physical Trainer

Physical education statement submitted to: Tiffin Girls’ High School

Strategies of the Institute:

  • Our institute is dedicated to the establishment of stress-reducing techniques for its members through optimization of training courses.
  • Our work mode concentrates on the areas lacking physical tenacity or body parts affected with some sort of medical infirmity.

Fields of our expertise:

  • Gymnastics
  • Pilates
  • Aerobics
  • Karate

Requirement of physical education in general: Physical activities make learners less prone to mental stress and keep all their anxieties and worries at bay.

Need for inclusion of physical education in school curriculum: Doctors keep saying that physical education is as necessary as academic education for complete development of children.

Current status of physical education in schools: 90% educational institutions have recognized the need of incorporating the subject and classes are held rigidly on a daily or weekly basis.

Important forms of physical education at school level: Sports such as cricket, football, tennis, swimming and kickboxing are the most important and advantageous forms.

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