Photography Business Statement

A photography business statement is a kind of a formal statement which is issued by a photography business company to inform its customers, clients and others about its business plan, vision and goals.  The statement is a part of the overall marketing plan of the photography business and helps to deliver the most important pieces of information about the company.  A photography business statement must address the expectations of the customers and should be real and attainable. It can be used to express the manner in which the business company aims to fulfil client requirements. A sample of a photography business statement is provided below and can be used for reference.

Sample Photography Business Statement:

Name of photography business: Click and Snap Photographers

Address of the photography business: Q-34, William road, Parkson Avenue, New York, USA

Date of issuing of the statement: 13th April 2014

Name of the owner of the photography business: David Warner

Aim for establishment of the business:

This photography business has been established with the aim of reaching out to clients so as to fulfill their photography requirements. We have started this business to satisfy customers by providing them with the highest quality, unique and creative photography at the most affordable rates.

Mission Statement:

Click and Snap photographers provide artistic, candid and professional photography services to one and all tailored to the requirements of each of the clients and delivered within the expected time frame. We aim to provide dynamic photography sessions for personal and business use at affordable rates and with no compromise on quality at all.

Our Vision:

We imagine ourselves to be industry leaders in the next decade by introducing new photography techniques and a world where photography will no longer be just a way to capture memories but to make a few.