Photography Artist Statement

A photography artist statement is a document drafted by an individual pursuing his career as a photographer. In the statement, the photographer needs to state his body of work. He has to mention the various kinds of photography that he does. The statement also helps him to establish his credential as a photographer. It is also advisable to mention in the statement about the awards and recognition received by the photographer.

Sample Photography artist statement

I believe every photograph must tell a story an every photographer must have a third eye. I use photography as a means to tell stories, stories of people that I observe in the world around me. With the help of the photographs clicked by me I intend to give the world a taste of reality. In order to be more observant, I travel around the world like a nomad in the strangest of places. I have no qualms in interacting with people from all sections of society.

In order to be a photographer who wants to tell stories with the help of his photographs, one should have no inhibitions. That’s why I am always inhibition free. I believe in opening an unexplored world with the pin hole of my camera.

While shooting any photograph, I believe in making it dramatic by using the right amount of light and darkness. I have learnt all these tricks from Mr. Carter Branson whom I used to assist. He has to taught be very observant and aware of the surroundings in which I click pictures.