Personal Statements

A personal statement is also known as the statement of purpose. It is prepared by the students, academic researchers and university faculty in certain occasions. A few instances also require the personal statement to be prepared by young professionals in the corporate world. The basic features of the personal statement are mentioned in the following segment –

  • The personal statement should be written in lucid language. Too much complicated writing makes the statement unclear to decipher and irritates the reader, conveying a wrong message.
  • The primary objective of studying or doing a particular research must be clearly defined in the personal statement.
  • It should not be very lengthy. At maximum, the personal statement must be in between five hundred to seven hundred words.
  • The career goals must be distinctly mentioned in the personal statement, taking into account both the short term and the long term perspectives.
  • The personal statement must essentially discuss the previous studies and academic achievements in a concise manner, but in no way should appear like a bragging declaration.
  • The personal statement should briefly project one’s interest in studying or doing research in a university or in an institution as per the relevance of the stream.
  • There is no need of writing technical terms related to the studies in one’s personal statement as the matter becomes cluttered and baseless with such an action.

The concerned authorities who go through the personal statements have the responsibilities of choosing the right candidates for the specific courses or study and/or research programs for which they have applied. The authorities give equal weight to the personal statement as they give to the academic records and other skill based credentials and achievements. While applying to a study program in a reputed institute, the personal statement bears prime importance to help one get admission.

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