Personal Vision Statement

A personal vision statement guides your life and provides you with necessary directions. It is a way to guide you and to make the right career choices, helping you not to waver from your goals. It is an inspiration for you to keep moving on the right path. Even when faced with hurdles, personal vision statement acts as a guiding light.

Your personal vision statement should be written in first person and it should contain statements that list out the goals you want to achieve in near future. Written goals are very motivational and you strive to achieve them, hence a vision statement must talk about what goals and achievements you wish to attain in life.

Sample Personal vision statement 1: I have earned my degree with distinction and now have a secured job in the IT industry where am earning at least $XXX per annum; I have an emotionally satisfying relationship with my spouse and am able to keep my parents happy and content.

Sample Personal vision statement 2: I walk up to the podium to collect my medal at the Olympics where I won gold in gymnastics; people are cheering my name and I have made my country proud as my country’s national anthem I played and I am being awarded.

Sample Personal vision statement 2: I am at the NASA institute researching in the field I love; my parents and family are extremely proud of me and give me immense respect; I am able to take care of my parents independently and they are happily settled in my hometown.

Within the next five years XXX aims to achieve annual revenues of over one million by providing timely and consistent services to our customers and by promoting our services to others, without compromising on our values and principles. We aim to raise our standards by manifolds within the next few years