Personal Teaching Statement

A personal teaching statement refers to one’s personal belief regarding teaching methods and a particular subject. While applying for the post of a teacher, many institutes ask for a personal teaching statement where they want to know about the teacher’s personal goals, ambitions, aspirations and hopes as a teacher. It also gives them an idea of what kind of teaching strategies does the teacher believe in and how he or she will apply those strategies in teaching the children. Teachers are a big influencing factor in a student’s life and by examining a teacher’s personal statement, the institute can make a decision on whether to hire him or not.

Sample Personal Teaching Statement:

Name of teacher: Rachel Levine

Date of Birth: 9/5/1980

College: South East Community College

Course Name/Code: 343

Application Number: 21

Teaching Statement:

I became a teacher because I like to interact with bright, young minds which are so full of enthusiasm and curiosity. I like to pay attention to each one of them so that I can create an interest of the subject and also help them if they don’t understand something. I believe every child is unique and hence the teaching style must also be modified accordingly.

I want to engage the student both inside and outside the classroom and encourage field trips as this gives a chance to the students to be more proactive and get hands-on experience. I encourage students to share their views so that there is an open flow of communication among us which will make me a better teacher.

Thanking you,

Rachel Levine,

New Jersey