Personal Strategy Statement

Personal strategy statement is the space where a professional strategist defines his or her strategic potential, work method, principles and work ethics. It is a brief essay demonstrating the strategist’s commitment towards his or her work in a way that it would convince the recruiters to belief in his or her potential.

Since personal strategy statements always serve an important purpose in the career of professional strategic planners, it must be composed with utmost care and precision.

Sample Personal Strategy Statement

Name of the strategist: Harriet Bennet

Profession: Business Strategist

Personal Strategy Statement:

I am a certified professional business strategist. I have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management from Texas University and have a degree on business strategy planning from the Business Institute of Texas. My education has given me a thorough understanding of the nuances of business operations and has thereby polished my strategic skills.

Intending to put my acquired skills to practical use, I have ventured into this profession and have gathered work experience of ten years to properly train myself as a business consultant and strategist. My experience has not only enhanced my analytical skills but has also offered me the tools to anticipate and interpret the strategies of other companies so as to derive competitive advantage while formulating my own.

I am reputed in being a shrewd strategist and no non-sense business adviser who can easily identify the loopholes in the competitor’s plans and tailor one’s plans accordingly. I am also known for my communicative skills that have helped me establish strong long term relationships with my clients.

My work process is mainly intuitive and specific to the situation dealt with. I have an impressive success rate in the business world and have successfully led several well-known companies to the zenith of their successes by dint of my strategies.