Personal Statement Template

A personal statement is widely used to state a person’s career or research goals while applying for a school, graduation institute or universities. It is a concise form of essay which can only be depicted with precision with the help of a comprehensive personal statement template. Hence, such of template should be constructed succinctly and with an effective approach.

Sample Personal Statement Template

Personal statement

I _____________ [name of the student] born in _______ [year] at ___________ [birthplace] has been long known as a meticulous student and which to pursue my advance studies in your esteemed university. Such kind of education is indispensable for building one’s career effectively.

I feel a meaningful life without knowledge is dull and dark. With this thought in my mind I have always desire to get the best knowledge from the best place. I have done my schooling from __________________ [name of the school] and passed with a percentage/grade of ______________ [Passing score in terms of percentage/grade] from the class of ____________ [mention the year of passing. I topped in the school that year. Later I completed my graduation in the year _______ [year of passing in graduation] from ____________ [name of the college/university] with _____________ [mention the passing percentage / grade of graduation] in _______________ [mention the stream/course or subject of graduation].

I strongly believe that my decision in pursuing further studies at your university could be beneficial for both the ends. Therefore, I will be highly obliged if you kindly consider my application so that I get an opportunity to study in world’s one of the best universities.

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