Personal Statement Letter

The personal statement letter is a useful and effective tool through which applicants are able to provide reasons for applying for certain specific educational programs, employment or other similar purposes. This letter must emphasize on personal skills, accomplishments, and objectives that are relevant. There should be a detailed description of academic and professional achievements within the personal statement letter and more importantly they must be properly connected to the reasons for applying to the concerned program.

Sample Personal Statement Letter:

7/ 4/2011


Prof. Carey Andrews,

Department of Film Studies

State University of Oregon,

Oregon- 70

Subject: Application for the Film studies scholarship program for post graduation

Dear Sir,

I am a graduate in film studies from Oregon School of Art and Film Culture and wish to apply for the scholarship offered at the Master’s level. I have graduated with distinction and have topped my class of 2011. I have always been deeply passionate about films and would like to become a mainstream film critic.

The scholarship program will provide me the financial help to pursue my dreams and goals and the excellent faculty which is part of your department will ensure that I get the proper tutelage to drive me into the right direction. I have always taken a deep interest in Old School film making style and your syllabus structure is the most apt way through which I can learn more about this strand of film making.

I have consistently performed well academically and have certain workshop, internship and seminar experiences that have helped me gain confidence in this field. I will truly appreciate it if you consider me deserving of the scholarship program.


Alice Waken.