Personal Statement Format

A personal statement is a concise form of essay which focuses on a student’s research goals or career and it is often used by the applicants for applying in schools, colleges, universities etc. Therefore, a personal statement format should be constructed with efficiency highlighting the points so that it helps to assess the perspective of the concerned student easily.

Sample Personal Statement Format

Name of the student _____________________________

Date _____________

First Paragraph: The opening or first paragraph is the most important than the preceding ones. This is because here where one can grab a reader’s attention by stating a few interesting and motivating sentences or might lose the same without making it much impressive. Therefore, one should have a clear idea about what to write on this paragraph and should follow a distinctive and unique style for framing it.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of the statement must detail the experience and interest of the student on the particular field. This is the paragraph where one should efficiently state the entire knowledge of the student as because the concerned authority looks for desirable students with profound knowledge on graduation stream or on the subject of research. This paragraph can include references like research or work experiences, kind of seminars and classes attended or any other specific source of information related to career.

Third Paragraph: The last paragraph should conclude the entire statement proficiently so that it could solve the dilemma of the concerned authority, if any. One need to be meticulous and should frame this paragraph without clichés.

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