Personal Resume Statement

Personal resume statements are the declarations presented by the applicants explaining the purpose of their job application to their recruiters. It is basically a short essay attached along with one’s resume describing his career interests, reason for application and expectations and aspirations from the job sought.

The main objective of the statement is to highlight the important points of one’s resume and guide the authorities in reading those points. Since the personal resume statement is supposed to guide the recruiter’s response towards the applicant and provide them with enough reasons to hire the person in question, they must be constructed with absolute care and precision.

Sample Personal Resume Statement

Name of the candidate: Christopher Scorsese

Job position applied for: Financial Accountant

Personal Resume Statement:

I have always been fascinated with the magic of numbers and it was this love for the numeric that lured me to the world of financial accounting. To pursue my passion, I took up accountancy in my graduation years and consolidated my knowledge with a post graduate degree on financial accounting. I have also done certified courses in account planning and financial account management to enrich my knowledge of the subject.

Following my education, I have worked as an accountant in several business firms to hone my skills and apply my theoretical knowledge to practical purposes. I have a work experience of 3 years during which I have tried to complement my institutional knowledge with first hand experiences of the corporate world.

I am praised for my conceptual soundness, sincerity and hard work and have twice won the best employee award during my three year stint with the Peterson Furniture Company. I am known to be a team worker and also bear a reputation of being a successful team leader when situation demands.

My interpersonal skills have earned me praise for being an amiable employee with immense contribution to the building of a collaborative work atmosphere in the company.