Personal Research Statement

Personal research statement is a short essay that a research scholar is supposed to include in his resume explaining his topic of research and demonstrating his commitment to the said project. It is the statement through which one intends to convince his or her supervisor or sponsor about the purpose and implication of the work and attempt to express the passion with which he or she intends to approach the project in question.

Sample Personal Research Statement

Name of the student: Stephen Holden

Name of the university: University of Liverpool

Research Topic: Painting as literature

Personal Research Statement

I am student of literature and the fine arts and my research project intends to conflate the definitions of the two and trace the point where the two realms overlap to provide a holistic aesthetic experience. My research thus aims to problematize the mainstream definitions of literature and attempts to view paintings as literature thereby opening a whole genre of new readings of fine arts.

In my research, I wish to look into representational paintings of various iconic painters from various ages and probe into the politics of interpretation of paintings by critiquing the popular perception of those paintings in context of their time and place.

The paper also aims to open up a new way of artistic expressions with its attempt to tease out narratives from paintings. By widening horizons of definitions, the paper aspires to trace the various modes of storytelling hidden within the colors and strokes of paintings thereby making way for a new process of critiquing objects of art.

The research was inspired by the modern attitudes of questioning the established canonical modes of interpretations that has challenged the limitations of traditional definitions of art and literature and wishes to create a space for a more inclusive study of arts that would facilitate intertextual, interdisciplinary studies.