Personal Mission Statement

A personal mission statement is clearly a document that outlines the tasks, assignments and targets set by a certain individual to achieve some particular goal or finish some jobs. Such a mission statement gives a definite direction to the activities of a person, such that they are carried out in the appropriate fashion that would yield the perfect results for him/ her.

Sample Personal Mission Statement:

Name: Maria Johannson

Age: 21 years                                                                                     Sex: Female

Profession: Final Year English Honours student

St. Thomas College of Arts

Does Freelancing as part-time job

Date of preparing personal mission statement: 18th August, 2011

Statement submitted to: Jennifer Agassi

Head of the Department, English

St. Thomas College of Arts

Student overview:

I would like to define myself as a student who has always kept her rank among the top five in the school as well as high school level, and has always felt and exhibited a keen interest in the language of English. My articles have also been published in various magazines and I am still working to enhance my skills.

Personal mission statements:

  • I would like to publish articles that contain social issues and create awareness among people regarding them. I would like to present my ideas in the most beautiful yet understandable pattern.
  • My area of expertise is Shakespearean literature and I would like to do extensive research on it. The papers I publish will be unique and will not correspond to any of the known ideas.

Work strategies:

I am already pursuing a degree in English Honours, completing which I would go for my masters to the best institute, preferably. Alongside, I would practice writing rare and well-framed articles, taking much-needed help from experts.

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