Personal Income Statement

A personal income statement is a paperwork which helps in keeping track the yearly or monthly income and expenses of an individual so that the person can gauge his or her personal budget effectively. Therefore, for a designated period of time such kind of document helps in personal financial management of an individual effectively.

Sample Personal Income Statement

Name of the person to whom this personal income statement belongs to: Santa Belulis

Monthly Income and Expenditure Statement for the Month of October 2010

Income: [details of each income is stated individually]

  • Salaries/wages received inclusive of all taxes $250000
  • Amount received from other income $2000
  • The net income which is available for the living expenses amount to $20000

Expenses on Savings/Donations: [details of each expense related to savings and donations are stated individually]

  • Donation for church: $250000
  • Donation on a philanthropic organization I am attached to: $ 260
  • Total amount deposited on two savings account of mine: $3000

Expenses on Living expenses: [details of each expense made on living are stated individually]

  • Amount spend on house rent $250
  • An approximate amount spend for food every month: $ 600
  • An approximate amount spend for paying the debts: $260
  • An approximate expense on transportation and travelling: $1200
  • An approximate monthly expenditure on medical: $ 150
  • Expenses on shopping approximately is $ 2300 per month
  • Total expenses on paying premiums for the insurance policies worth up to $150 per month
  • Expenses on other utilities $200

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