Personal Financial Statement

A personal financial statement is a document of an individual’s record of financial transaction and accounts. It includes the total amount of assets and liabilities of an individual. The financial statement is usually prepared for a specific term, generally one year. It has to be precise and accurate, with all facts and figures carefully entered.

Sample Personal financial Statement:


Name of the individual: Mr. Henry Rogers.

Financial statement for the period: January 2010 to January 2011.

Date: 13th of January, 2011.

Assets of the individual:

  • Amount in cheque account worth $ 1000000
  • Amount in savings account worth $ 1200000
  • Medical insurance worth $ 50000
  • Personal property (land and building) worth $ 2500000
  • National savings certificate worth $ 10000
  • Home insurance worth $ 120000
  • Retirement funds worth $ 1300000
  • Two personal insurances amounting to $ 90000
  • Total income in this period is $ 11000000

Based on the above facts and figures, the total assets of the individual amounts to $ 16370000.

Liabilities of the individual:

  • Car loan worth $ 75000
  • Home loan worth $ 120000
  • Amount of taxes to be paid $ 300000
  • Education loan of $ 29000 to be paid by the end of this year.

Based on the above facts and figures, the total amount of liabilities of the individual is $ 524000.

The above facts and figures reveal that the net worth of finance of the person is $ 15846000.

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