Personal Education Statement

A personal education statement is a document which delineates the overall requirement and advantages of a personal education. It sets down the dictates of the process to achieve personal education without any blockages. Therefore, the body of the document must have a convincing and confident tone for the reader to accept and follow it blissfully.

Sample Personal Education Statement

Personal Education Statement

To whom it may concern

The following personal education statements are given in the interest of the members on the basis of personal analysis that will guarantee conspicuous results in personal growth provided they are considered on a serious note.

Name of the institute: Garry’s Grooming Institute

Year of foundation: 2001

Name of the person issuing the statement: Christie Garry

Designation of the person: Head Personal Trainer

Components of personal education:

  • Personality grooming
  • Fitness training
  • Effective communication
  • Yoga, meditation, Pilates
  • Creative expression

Statement on personality grooming: These sessions will enhance your motivational and powers making you focused and confident.

Statement on Fitness training: Physical fitness is directly associated with mental peace and internal harmony. Emotional strength and mental stability are bi-products of exercises.

Statement on effective communication: This will make you confident and persuasive in your conversations with known people or total strangers facilitating smooth expression of feelings.

Statement on yoga and meditation: These classes act as anger management and stress-busting sessions by bringing about emotional and somatic changes in individuals.

Statement on creative expression: The pent-up negative feelings are easily vented out through recreational pursuits thus shedding inhibitions and reducing stress.

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